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Friday, July 20, 2007

I went to the grocery store

Today I got a Kubaton. It's pretty cool. It's a self-defense weapon to keep on your keys. Because of the way it's designed, it's almost impossible to rip it out of your hands. If you hold onto it, you can use it to hit your attacker with your keys, or if you hit your attacker with the baton, it sends painful vibrations into the limb you hit, or you can use the pointy end on their pressure points. Pretty cool. I like it.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping, and as I was driving on the interstate, I was having a difficulty with feelings of paranoia. Seriously. I kept hoping that I wouldn't come across some dreadful car accident, that I would make me have to stop and help the victims. (because I would, even if I didn't want to, or afraid) I don't want to see any more bloody victims. The good news is that the man in the motorcycle accident lived. I'm SOOO happy about that. Yesterday he was getting fitted for a prosthetic leg.

So anyway, back to my grocery shopping exerience. I went to Walmart. I want to know something. Why in the world do they have like 20 lanes for check out, but only like 5 of them are open? I mean, seriously! I don't get it. I stand in checkout lines FOREVER, when they could open a couple more checkout lines, intead of making us stand in lines for like 10 minutes. (I suppose that I have issues with being impatient sometimes...but mostly when it comes to's obvious I'm originally from a big city).

Then later, as I was walking out the store, there were a couple of men sitting outside Walmart, collecting donations for a Christian organization of some sort...I think, but I didn't look too closely. One of them called me over. "Young lady" (I'm glad he thinks I'm young, but how young does he think I am?) And I have to admit, I pretended like I didn't hear him, and I quickened my pace a little. lol. I did. I'm so terrible. Then he shouts a little louder, "Young Lady!" I kept going. I jumped onto my cart and let it glide down the slope to the car. I think he shouted again one more time. I'll be honest here. I JUST wanted to go home at that point. I was tired. And I had no cash. I think that charities are very important. I really do. And I have a couple that I support. But at that moment, I just wanted to go home! Some would say I'm terrible for doing that. Oh well.

Ok. Then on my way home, I was on the interstate again, and this guy driving a semi-truck honks at me as I pass him on the left. It wasn't the kind of honk that said, "Get out of my way!" it was more like a "hey, what's up?" kind of honk. So I looked back to see if I knew him, and he leaned down and waved excitedly. I was seriously confused. Who IS this guy? But I continue driving. A couple of minutes later, as I slow down to take my exit, he passes me on the left, leans over and gives me an excited wave he knows me. And then he drives off. Weird. I have no idea who he was...he looked a little familiar, but I don't think I knew him. Maybe he had me confused with someone else? My friend, Curt, drives a semi. He would just tell me that the man thought I was cute. Whatever. That's kind of a weird thought.

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