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Monday, July 2, 2007

Get your groove on...or not

A couple of months ago I found a dance aerobic DVD by Suzanne Cox at Walmart. It was in those $1 bins near the cash register. Since it was only a dollar, I purchased it. I've been working on the aerobic section for about a month or so, but recently I have grown tired of aerobics routine, and decided to move onto the dance aerobics section. During the intro she introduces her dance aerobics section as similar to the type of dancing you do in clubs. So I tried the dance aerobics and, I've got to be honest here, it was the stupidest dance routine I've ever seen. When I first observed the silly "dance" routine, I shouted to Suzanne Cox as she was dancing on my TV, "Are you kidding? You have got to be joking!! You look ridiculous!" And all of her back up dancers are jumping around, putting their moves on, like this "dance" aerobics is the coolest thing since sliced bread. There is no way I would dance like that anywhere. Remember the famous Napoleon Dynamite dance routine? Of course you do. Everybody does. Learning that stupid "dance" aerobics routine made me feel like I was I was Napoleon Dynamite learning that stupid dance from that video he found at the thrift store....except there was no way I was going to use those moves in public, much less a high school class election (despite the fact that I've been out of high school for almost 10 years now). Ok. I think that Suzanne Cox and the woman on Napoleon's dance tape must have been friends, because their dancing was equally stupid. Today when Joel came home from lunch I did my special dance routine that I learned from Suzanne Cox this morning during my workout. He laughed. Hysterically. I don't blame him either. However, despite the stupidity of the dance routine, I've found it mildly entertaining. So I've decided to continue working with Suzanne Cox and her Napoleon-Dynamite-dance-aerobics, that is when I'm not venting my frustrations with the work out to her through the TV. Just don't expect me to these terrific moves for an audience.

A couple of side notes:

Our dog, Brody is seriously afraid of thunder, and thunderstorms have been consistent over the past couple of weeks. The problem is that even though he's trained to stay within his boundary areas (we don't have fences out here), as soon as he hears the thunder, he goes into a panic mode and takes off outside of his boundary (despite the fact that he's wearing an electronic collar), and will stay hidden until we find him. AAAHHH!! Sometimes it takes us hours to find him!! Does anyone have any suggestions to break this behavior??

This morning I found a horned toad. I brought it inside briefly to show Joel and then put it back where I found him...far away from Brody. I also learned that when you pick up a horned toad, they puff themselves up and their skin becomes very sharp and pokey, which is why they are probably called horned toads. Wow. I know, I know...I amaze you with my profound knowledge.

Joel and I have been going through some serious stuff lately. It's been hard for both of us. I've posted some pretty sad blogs too. I've been pretty down...actually we both have. Just know that as you read my sad blogs, I'm (we're) working through it. Writing has always been a means of expression for me. So when you read a sad-natured blog of mine, don't worry, I'm working through it. And most of the time after I've written about it, I'm doing much better. In the meantime, you can keep us in prayer.

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