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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Death is not always bad.

Yesterday I found out that my maternal grandmother is in the hospital. She's in a comma, and has been placed in the hospice section of the hospital.I do not believe that they expect her to come out of the comma. She probably only has a couple more hours to live, possibly a day or two. I can't remember the specific cause of the comma, but to sum it up, her body is getting old, her health has deteriorated, and to be a little blunt, her time here is just about over. It's a sad thing, but it's not too sad. She was very old, and it wasn't always easy to see her suffering. Sometimes death comes as relief. And her relief is near. And it's ok. She lived a long life, and was blessed with 13 children, and an abundance of grandchildren as well. Because she is in a comma, I have decided against going to visit her in the hospice, which is a couple hour drive from where I live. Instead I will probably wait and attend her funeral in my hometown, which is also where she will be buried, next to her late husband, my grandfather. I have visited with her from time to time over the previous year. And I have already said my goodbyes to her each time I left, never knowing if she would be alive the next time I came. I'm ok with not seeing her again, and I've come to the conclusion that death is not always a bad thing. The last part of Ecclesiates 7:1 says, "and the day of [one's] death is better than the day of one's birth." Her life was full of ups and downs, just like anyone else, but now her race is just about done, her course has been run, and she is ready to step into eternal life. And it's ok.

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