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Monday, August 6, 2007

So here's what I'm thinking today...

1. I'm reading the book of Acts in the Bible right now. I have to say I'm totally loving it. For real. It totally amazes me how quickly the message of Jesus spread throughout the middle east, and how many people turned their hearts towards God. Way cool. I took a course called Acts & Corinthians in college. I thought it was SOOO boring, in fact I thought it was so boring, I almost failed it. I was such a dork. I missed out on so much back then.

2. I'm still walking on the road to forgiveness. It's hard. I struggle to NOT lash out in anger. I'm not always winning the battle. Some days are better than others. The last couple of days have been more difficult than others. It's so difficult to forgive those who have wounded you so deeply. Forgiveness is not always instantaneous, many times its a long and drawn out process, where you keep choosing to walk in forgiveness...and sometimes you fail, but you have to get up and try again. I'm getting there...slowly.

3. Shelley sent me a link to this video yesterday, and it made me laugh hysterically, and I though I would share the insanity with you guys too.

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Cara said...

Michelle - here's what I'm thinking

Its never easy to forgive and forget. But sometimes you can sneak up on it by doing it backwards. Forgetting! And in forgetting about it you default to forgivness. I know when its something important thats almost impossible to do. But here's the deal, if you have been hurt by someone who has been a jerk, you are giving them undeserved importance in your life by continuing to think about it.

If the kid at McDonalds short changes you the question of "forgiving her" doesn't even cross your mind because its so unimportant that you just forget about it...right? Same thing - if the offending party (ies) can detect that you are still wounded it feeds thier sense of importance.

When it comes to needing strength and needing to feel Gods presence (in the form of intervention on my part - nah, let me call it what it is - I wanted vendication that was nothing short of a lighting bolt from the sky that singed thier eyebrows!)I used to find myself feeling over looked. But one day when I was reading the Book of Acts I ran across a verse that set me free. It continues to be one of my favorite verses in the Bible as it relates to good ole' common sense day to day survival. What I need to worry about and what I don't - primarily what I don't.

Always think of me when you read Acts 5:38&39.