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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm home.

I'm tired. My brain feels fuzzy today. I'm in desperate need of some healthy food and exercise and some time with God. Spending the weekend at my parents house is the perfect opportunity to gain back the five pounds that you've worked so hard to lose. Oh well. lol.

Spending time with my immediate and extended family has been good. I'm glad that we went to my grandmother's funeral. It was sad. I did cry, even though I didn't expect to. Its's the part about saying goodbye for the very last time. It was like I just didn't want to was the end. And that was sad. I really can't explain it. But it's really ok. She was really old, and now she's finally at peace. So it's ok.

Here's a picture of my cousins and my sister from this weekend.
I think there's a strong family resemblance.

I have a goal to start reading through the Bible in a year...or close to a year. I got a bible that has everything laid out in calender dates, and you read certain passages in the Bible according to the day. The only problem is that the starting point is January 1...and today is not January 1, it's August 15. And starting on Aug 15 is like starting in the middle of a just don't do that. So I was thinking that I'd wait until January 1st to start reading through that particular Bible...but maybe I'll start on January 1st today anyway...

Today some Jehovah's Witness ladies dressed in long skirts came to my house to witness to me and give me some of their literature. I was tired, and really didn't feel like having a conversation....especially after this weekend. Our dog, Brody, can be incredibly friendly...and today he stuck his head up on of the ladies skirts...way up. And it was funny. And it amused me. And I let him do it...because I didn't want them over anyway. The lady said, "oh, oh!" and laughed as she pulled her skirt away from Brody's head. I'm so terrible. Ha ha. And my dog has bad manners when I let him.

On Saturday Joel and I are going mountain biking for my birthday. I've decided that that's how I want to celebrate my birthday. I'm looking forward to it.

My mind still feels like mush from this weekend. It's kind of obvious from this blog. I have one make-up piano lesson to teach today, and then I'm taking the day off...

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