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Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's been rough...

Yesterday was not a good day for Brody. Brody got neutered. We don't have a vet in town, so I had to take Brody to the vet in a town an hour away. Plus he also had to have surgery on his left front paw to remove a cyst. I dropped Brody off at the vet's office early in the morning, and had to wait until he was released after 3:30, so I had about 8 hours to kill in that town yesterday. I brought my camera with me hoping to catch some great photos, but because I was distracted most of the time I was taking pictures, most of them didn't come out as well as I had hoped. But I did manage to catch a couple of cool ones.

When I picked Brody up from the vet, he kept licking his stitches, so we had to put a lampshade thingy on him. I've never seen a dog so demoralized from being forced to wear a lampshade before. He hung his head, dropped his shoulders, put his tail between his legs, walked in a reluctant fashion when he realized that he had no choice but to wear it. It was terribly sad. lol.

We also had to keep him inside last night, and to make matters worse, since was raining, we couldn't let him outside at all, because his bandaged paw had to stay dry. So Brody nearly went crazy last night inside the house. He was so antsy. He kept getting up and walking around every couple of minutes, which made it incredibly difficult for us to stay asleep.Then at about 3:30 AM, Joel a bug landed on Joel's head, so he knocked it off with a couple of furious strokes aimed towards ME. yes. So then the bug landed on MY head. (aaahhhh!!!) And so I quickly brushed it off too, and then started to attempt at sleeping again - but then, I had this weird feeling...a tickle-y feeling on my abdomen- like something crawling on me. So I reached inside my shirt, and my hand found a BUG crawling on me!!!! I grabbed it, screamed in terror, and threw it away from me into the darkness. Joel was so startled by my scream, he nearly fell off the bed. He jumped up, kicking the covers off, and fumbled for the light, until he finally found the switch. I was so traumatized, I sat on the bed and explained my predicament, as he searched for the terrified bug. He found it, and killed it. It was some sort of cricket thing. By this time, Joel was incredibly grumpy. (He always is after I scream when I find a bug on me when we're trying to sleep) For the rest of the night we tried to fall back asleep as we listened to the dog flop back and forth next to our bed on the wood floor. Finally after several hours of this, Joel could no longer tolerate it anymore and got up.

It's been a rough 24 hours for all three of us. But as bad as this experience has been, it was far worse when Sachi got spayed a couple of years least that's what I keep telling really, it was.

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