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Monday, October 15, 2007

Cruise Pictures!!!

Here's a couple of my favorite pictures from the cruise:

Eating Sushi on the ship...I love sushi but....some of it tasted a little...scary.

Waiting for dinner on formal night #2. I bought this dress in Puerto Rico and I LOVE it!!!

This is a lookout point in Old Town San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The view from a high point in the Morro Castle in San Juan.

At the Castle in San Juan.

A street in Old Town San Juan. I love the combination of Latin vs. European culture.

The view of St. Thomas from Paradise Point.

This shirt really amused me, and perhaps I should have bought it.

This man had a melt down when he caught me taking a picture of him. He almost threw a piece of fruit at me, and started yelling like a lunatic. I probably would have deleted this picture, but now I have a great story behind it...and learned if you are going to take pictures of locals, either be quick and candid or ask. lol.

The beach at Grand Cay.

A hermit crab we found on the beach at Grand Turk & Caicos.

Joel didn't like wearing my pink backpack, but I still like the picture. lol

On the beach at Grand Turk & Caicos.

One of the many towel animals our stewards left in our cabin during the cruise.
Ok. There you go. I still have plenty more, because I took around 1,000 pictures. Seriously. LOL.

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