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Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm at the airport.

Half Moon Cay

We are back from our vacation...well...almost. We're sitting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport, waiting for our flight. So pretty much, our vacation was amazing. We stopped at four different islands: Half Moon Cay (Bahamas), St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands), San Juan (Puerto Rico), and Grand Turk and Caicos (Bahamas). Here's the summary:
Half Moon
  • Sandy beaches. turquoise water. perfect beaches. the perfect oasis.
  • Parasailing in Half Moon was absolutely breath-taking. The view was spectacular.
  • Swimming in the ocean = fun. yes.
St. Thomas
  • Snuba in St. Thomas was a blast, and this time I did great. But the colors of the plants and coral were muted and dull compared to Cozumel (we went to Cozumel a couple of years ago). But it was still lots of fun.
  • Took the tram to Paradise Point (one of the highest points on the island) and enjoyed the view.
  • Locals drive on the left side of the road, honk at every passing car, and drive like there's no tomorrow. (just like Latin America) the appearance also resembles some Latin Countries too...but beautiful nonetheless.
  • walked the 99 steps built by the Dutch several hundred years ago.
  • Checked the outside of Blackbeard's castle.
  • A strange local man almost chunked a piece of fruit at me after he caught me taking his picture. (oops).
  • Convinced taxi drivers to give us half the normal cab fair to and from the ship.

San Juan
  • checked out El Morro Castille, which is the fort built by the Spanish (I think) on the coast. Very fun. Met a new friend named Tom from the ship on the way.
  • Shopped in Old Town San Juan (historic section). Bought a way cute pink polka dot, spaghetti-strap Puerto Rican style dress.
  • Went to an authentic Puerto Rican restaurant and ordered my meal in Spanish (word). They spoke in English to Joel. FUN FOOD.
Grand Turk
  • Walked the beach. Lots of pictures. Serious amounts of shells...all over the place.
  • Found a beautiful, nearly flawless, whole conch shell...took it with us, but later returned it after we found out it was illegal to take them (Grand Turk is a state park or something like that).
  • went snorkeling...but quit after fighting the current, strong waves, rocks, and stupid snorkelers who collided with you and then continued on, kicking their fins in you face (I wonder about stupid people). But lots of cool stuff to see.
On The Ship
  • Swam, rode the slide, played miniature golf, met lots of friends, ate at the sushi bar, ate 200,000 meals (last night for dinner I had 2 appetizers, 1 salad, 1 entree, and 3 deserts, plus sushi before dinner as well...just because I CAN!!), worked out at the gym (had to in order to support my eating habits aboard), went to a yoga class (minus the weird chanting meditation) but it was still a little odd...and really hard to balance while the ship was rocking, dressed formal, took like 1,000 pictures, slept (sleeping on the ship is the best because of the rocking ship), and relaxed. It was way way way fun. And totally needed.

I will put up some of my favorite pictures soon...when I'm not at the airport. And now it's your turn to go on a cruise. Do it.

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