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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Youth Convention '07

So this weekend was Youth Convention out here. And since Joel and I are no longer the youth pastors, we worked behind the scenes as the assistants to the Stage Manager, ran various errands to keep things going smoothly during convention, and in addition Joel over saw the set up for the late night activity. I have to admit, we had lots and lots of fun. It was a blast. The whole event was TONS of work, but worth every minute of it. I can't explain why we like to help so much, but there's something so rewarding about working together on a big event to see so many lives eternally impacted during a matter of 3 days. I love it. A couple of things that occurred during convention were:

  • spending time with Youth Convention's band, LOOKTOTHESKY, from Abilene, TX and teasing them constantly about their emo clothes and how much time they spend on their hair. Seriously, they spend more time on their hair than I do. LOL!! Despite their amusing appearance, they were really great. ;o)
  • a hit and run. Yes. Someone hit our car while we were eating at a restaurant, and took off. Luckily for us, a nice person observed the whole thing, took down their license plate number, and then reported it to us. Fortunately it was just a couple of scratches to the side, and our insurance is currently taking care of the repairs. Not too big of a deal, but POOR CAR!! I think that people LIKE to hit our car or something. That's the third time (to our knowlege) that our car has been hit! What the heck? Maybe our car is bad luck, especially considering the recent incidents that I wrote about with our car a couple of blogs before. Ok, I really don't think our car is bad luck...but still...our car...has issues. really.

Ahhh!!! Sorry I forgot to rotate the picture (as always)

The band, LookToTheSky, leading worship

still worship with LookToTheSky

Patty is SO Pregnant!!

Sweet Street Fiesta (late night activity) with a Mexican theme. I have no idea why I put up ugly pictures of myself.

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