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Monday, October 8, 2007

finally home.

so we're finally home. we got home late on saturday night. saturday evening we finally arrived at our home airport, took the shuttle to the off-airport, long term parking to our car. when we reached our car, i opened the front driver's side car door and hit the power lock to unlock the rest of the car...nothing happened...i tried it again. still nothing. oh no. i had a sinking feeling inside of me. i sat in the driver's seat, and looked at the ignition. it was turned to "accessory" (the setting where you can keep the radio on without turning on the car). the sinking feeling became even stronger. i put the key into the ignition, and turned the key. nothing happened. the car battery was obviously dead. i killed our car. somehow when i turned off the car in the long term parking lot, even though i pulled the key out, i didn't turn it off all the way. and so our car stayed on the "accessory" setting for nine days straight. and unfortunately the jumper cables were in our other car at home. how convenient. so after half an hour of flagging down a shuttle bus, and finding jumper cables that weren't fried, we finally got our car started and began our two hour drive home from the airport. after about 20 minutes or so of driving on the interstate, we heard a big "clank" from underneath our car. after i questioned joel about the noise, he dismissed it as a change in the road. we continued driving, and i noticed the car started shaking hard. at that point joel decided that he needed some coffee. we took an exit and pulled into McDonalds. as we were pulling into the parking lot we noticed the car making a lot of thumping noises. joel parked the car and began to check the car. he put his hand on the driver's rear tired and shook it. it moved back and forth with ease. that was a bad thing. then he check underneath the car and discovered that one of the supporting beams to the axle and actually broken off. there was no way we could continue driving home. so we pulled into a well lit parking lot, called joel's parents, turned off the car, and waited an hour and half for them to pick us up. They did and dropped us off at home. yesterday joel, his father, and a friend of the family took a flat bed trailer and drove back out to pick up our car from the Smith's parking lot and bring it home to be repaired. Getting home on saturday proved to be difficult. it's crazy to think how serious the situation was and amazing to realize how much God protected us from a potentially fatal accident. God is so faithful.

Our house isn't complete finished being tiled yet, but fortunately the living room is done, and so we can at least set up the entertainment center and the computer. But the tiled floors look so great.

Caribbean pictures coming later today! but for now i need go and work out! especially after all that food i ate on the cruise.

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