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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

12 Free Printable Paper Toys

Printable Toy Fans, Unite! I've been searching the Internet high and low to find a variety of fantastic printable toys to make with my kids. The problem that I came across was that several printables came with a small price tag. I'm not against paying for things (especially if they are awesome), nor am I against those who use their amazing talent to gain an income, but I do like FREE STUFF. So, I sifted through numerous sites and found an awesome collection of 12 Free Printable Paper Toys for both girls and boys. Rejoice with me, friends!

12 Free Printable Toys - click through and find them!

Bird Finger Puppets from Mr. Printables

3D Paper Lizard from Skip To My Lou

Spiderman from Mini Paper Craft 

Papercraft Alphabet from Digit Prop

Elastic Powered Duck from Creative Park

Angry Birds from Little Plastic Man

Paper Owl by Craft and Creativity

Paper Dolls from Weelife

Puppies from Paper Replika

Snake Finger Puppets from Mr. Printables

Robot from Lou Lou and Tummie

Looking for more? Joel and I have started making a nice little collection of our own. Check out the Paper Animal Rings, Silly Shape Finger Puppets, Printable Train Tracks, Jack-In-The-Box, and the Printable Roads. I also have a board on Pinterest dedicated to a large variety of printable projects. 

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