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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Turn a Beanie into an iPad/Android Case in 30 minutes or less

So, let's talk about iPads. don't have an iPad? Oh right, you're on the Android team. It's cool. We don't discriminate in this house. We use both Mac and Android devices. Joel has an iPhone and an Android tablet. I have an Android phone and an iPad mini. The boys inherited the first generation iPad. (Don't tell them that it belongs to them, we haven't disclosed this information to them. They still think it's mine. Ha ha!) We just can't choose a side in this house! It's crazy, but we are ok with this impartiality. Anyway, so last month my awesome husband gave me an iPad mini (!!!!) for Valentine's Day. Yeah, I was unbelievably excited to have my very own iPad all to myself - no more sharing the iPad sharing with the Preschool Patrol. So, one of the first thoughts I had after I got my iPad was, "Oh wait, I don't have a case for it! I can make one!!" This realization was followed by feelings of excitement. Oh yes, I was definitely excited.

After sifting through several items, I realized one of the easiest ways to make an iPad case is to make it from an unused beanie. (Yeah, I have more than one unused beanie. Remember the beanie that I embellished with pearl beads?) So, today I'm excited to show you how I made case for my iPad and how unbelievably quick and easy it was. I'm talking 30-minutes-quick. You should definitely make one yourself, as well. Also, here's an added bonus: this beanie will probably end up getting far more use as an iPad (or Android) case than actually wearing it as a hat. You only wear it a couple months out of the year anyway, right? Score! So, are you ready to make one? Let's do it!

Convert an old beanie into an iPad/Android case in 30 minutes or less - click through and see how

You will need:
- beanie
- twine
- 5 buttons
- needle
- thread
- chalk (or washable pen)
- star shaped cookie cutter
- scissors
- pins
- sewing machine (optional)

lay iPad on top of inside-out beanie

Start out by turning the beanie inside out. Lay the tablet on top and centered on the beanie. 

outline beanie and pin

Mark an outline onto the beanie with chalk around the tablet. Pin around the chalk path. 

sew along outline

trim excess fabric

Sew along the chalk paths and cut off the excess fabric. 

add buttons and tie twine strands

Stitch two buttons at the top of the case, on both sides of the opening. Cut two strands of twine, each approximately 6 inches long. Tie each strand between the buttons and the case on the back side. 

place cookie cutter on top of front of case and trace

trace outline of cookie cutter onto case

Lay a star-shaped cookie cutter on top of the front of the case and trace along the edges with chalk. 

stitch twine onto star outline

star outline

Make an iPad/Android case from a beanie - click through and learn how

Cut a strand of twine long enough to fit around the outline of the cookie cutter. Stitch the twine onto the outline traced onto the front of the case. (Obviously, I did not follow the exact outline of cookie cutter, but the important thing is stay as close to the corners of the outline as possible.) Finally, sew a button onto the center of the star. 

Make an iPad Case from an old beanie in 30 minutes or less - click through and learn how

Unbelievably easy, right? Quick, look at the clock. It took you less than 30 minutes to make this, didn't it? Well, if it didn't, you should definitely blame it on the kids. ;)

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Emily Thompson said...

That is so clever! I would not have guessed it was a hat!! Thanks for linking up to Create Link Inspire party! Youve been featured at todays sewing roundup! I'm going through a theme change so excuse the "dust"