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Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to Make an Infinity Scarf

Have you ever seen The Sound of Music? Remember the part when Maria von Trapp sewed play clothes for the children out of the drapes?  The idea of turning window dressings into clothes, has always amused me. One day, while rummaging through some fabric scraps, I found a forgotten set of curtains that were given to me several years ago. The problem was that they didn't match anything, so I never hung them up. So guess what I did with them? Did you guess, "Make play clothes for your children?"  Ha! Fooled you! Well, I didn't make clothes play clothes for my boys out of drapes (that would be weird), but I did upcycle an infinity scarf from a curtain.

how to make an infinity scarf - click through and learn how -

After I came up with this idea, I planned out each step in my head and then proceeded with the project. Little did I know that my plan was unbelievably flawed! Really and truly this shouldn't have been a difficult project, but somehow I managed to over-complicate this project by leaps and bounds. So, after ripping out the seam (probably about 10 times), several phone calls and Skype sessions with my mom (I had to ask her for help. She's like the Sewing Master), I finally figured out how to make an infinity scarf. Now, I have good news for you - it's not hard, but I had to make 934,283 mistakes before I realized this. So, now that I know the right way as well as the easy way to make this, I'll show you how to make an infinity scarf.

You will need:
- fabric (mine was 24 inches x 70 inches)
- sewing machine
- matching thread
- scissors

make an infinity scarf with a curtain -

If you plan to use a curtain like I did, make sure to remove the back panel of the curtain.

fold lengthwise and pin - make an infinity scarft

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise (the longer side) so that the backside of the fabric faces outwards. Pin and sew the long sides closed using a straight stitch to create a long "tube". Pull the fabric tube right-side-out.

sew both ends together - how to make an infinity scarf -

Bring the two un-sewn ends together, making sure that the seam from both ends line up. Fold approximately 2 inches of the edge of Side B inside the tube. (tip - I had to iron the fold to keep the fabric in place). Slip the end of Side A (unfolded) into Side B and pin together, leaving an opening of approximately 5 inches (or more, if needed.)

make an infinity scarf -

Sew the ends together as far as possible. You won't be able to connect the entire circle using a sewing machine. Hand stitch the remainder to close the opening.

sew an infinity scarf -

How to make an infinity scarf -

Learn how to make an infinity scarf  - click through and learn how -

That's it friends! Now, go and make one!


Ana Love Craft said...

Super cute project!!! Love the fabric too! ! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!
Hope you have a wonderful day and week!
Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

Christina said...

Good idea.

Christina said...

Good idea!