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Friday, April 11, 2014

Printable Spring Flower Banner

Can I just tell you guys that I've had a hectic week? Over the weekend, Joel and I ran a 5k and I managed to resprain my guys probably didn't know that I sprained my ankle in February, did you? I did. I forgot to mention that previously. Yeah, well apparently I ran a little too much, a little too soon...and it's resprained. There's no walking going on here. Only crutches. Bleh. A couple days later I managed to get the cold that Cheese had. So then I had to take care of two kids in the midst of my sickness and sprained ankle. This week has been trialing, to say the least. Bah! However, I get my camera back! Hooray! (A Small beautiful moment in the midst of many chaotic ones this week.) So to celebrate, I have a fun Printable Spring Flower Banner to share with you guys! (And also because I'm dying to do creative things). Here's a sweet, colorful and festive way to celebrate the arrival of Spring!

Free Printable Spring Flower Banner @ click through and get it!

You will need:
-This Printable Spring Flower Banner
- Twine
- Scissors
- Masking Tape

Decorate for Spring with this Free Spring Flower Printable from

This banner is easy to make. Simply print out the Spring Flower Banner onto card stock, cut out the flowers, and tape the backs to a string of twine. Use this banner and decorate to your heart's desire.

Get this Free Spring Flower Printable Banner from

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Bonus idea: These flowers would also make an adorable flower crown. (I chose not to go this route, simply because I have boys, not girls.) :)


Melissa French - The More With Less Mom said...

Aww this is adorable. I love the colors. Hello from Made by You Mondays.

Ashley Calder said...

Thanks so much! Great garland! These look like very cool printables... thinking that they would also make great little embellishments for scrapbook pages or cards, especially if they were layered up with some other small pieces!