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Monday, September 29, 2008

High School Reunions & Maternity Clothes.

I am going to my 10-year class reunion in a couple of weeks. It seems that time has flown by so fast, and yet so much has happened since high school, that it also seems like forever since high school. Since I've graduated from high school, I've gone to college, gotten a degree, traveled overseas several times, moved away, had real jobs, gotten married, moved again, and have even gotten pregnant. But even more importantly than all of those things mentioned, I have matured by leaps and bounds mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. A lot has changed over the years. From time to time, I've contemplated whether or not to go to this reunion. I was never in the popular crowd, but I was never one of the outcasts either. I was in band. And I was very proud to be in band. I never felt like an outcast in high school. I had a place to belong. But did I really care enough to go? Hmmm....not really. However, two of my good high school friends and I have decided to attend together. (And just a side comment here, I am WAY excited to see them) Out of all of the people that have signed up to go, other than my two close friends coming, there's only a few that I'm really interested in seeing again. Those that I would like to see (my former band friends) are too far away, can't afford plane tickets, working on their doctorate degrees, visiting family the same weekend, living in Alaska, or don't care enough to come. (Boo on them...ha ha just kidding). But I am going to have a good time. I forked over $100 for two tickets for Joel and I to attend. So I'm going to have a good time. I'm determined. But I'm curious - what is it going to be like? Is everyone going to revert back to their old high school ways, and shun people according to the click that they belonged to? Or has everyone gotten past that? Will those that I was merely aquantances with talk to me now even though I wasn't in their click in high school? I really hate to admit this, but I am nervous (and I'm pregnant, on top of that). I really am. I have no idea what to expect. I'm so glad that I have my two high school friends plus Joel to accompany me to the reunion. It's a strange mix of nervousness and excitement. Has anyone else gone to their reunion?

AND I have finally broken down and bought some maternity clothes. I've really been running out of clothing options with this growing belly, especially for nice occasions (like this upcoming reunion). I now have 3 pairs of actual maternity pants and one maternity shirt. I only plan on getting one more pair of pants. I've decided to spend a little bit more money than I normally would (and consequently get fewer clothes) and make sure that I get clothes that I actually LIKE (within reason of course) - mainly because I feel so uncomfortable and awkward being pregnant, so I would at least like to feel good about what I'm wearing. (besides, who actually wears ALL of their clothes anyway?) Ha ha. You know what? I've come to realize that it takes more effort to look nice when you are pregnant than when you are not. (at least for me anyway) I spend more time trying to piece an outfit together that doesn't make me look frumpy or fat. I spend more time on make up too. I just feel like it takes more effort these days to make the outside of me, my appearance, match the inside. That element of pregnancy has caugh me offguard. I guess some people could come to the conclusion from this paragraph that I've become vain. But if that were the issue, I assure you, I wouldn't have allowed myself to get pregnant!

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