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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last month I took our car in to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. I got the signature service, which also includes checking the tires for air pressure. After the check up was done, I drove home. As soon as I pulled the car into the garage and shut the garage door, I realized there was a hissing sound coming from the driver's rear tire. So I immediately drove it back to Jiffy Lube and let them know what happened. Apparently the stem in the tire (the part where you put air in) got messed up in the process of checking it. They fixed it, and I left. However, over the last month, we've noticed the car would act funny, and tended to veer to the left. We also noticed the tire was losing air, and would fill it up. I was planning on calling Jiffy Lube and explaining that we were still having problems with our tire, (and weren't having any problems before the oil change) but hadn't gotten around to it yet...until today. Today Joel was driving on the interstate, and that very same tire that we've had issues with blew. On the interstate. How nice. Fortunately Joel was ok, and so was our car. Joel was able to get off the interstate without a problem, put on the spare, and then buy a new one. I'm so thankful that everything was fine. I'm so thankful my husband was ok! So today I was frustrated. Frustrated that Jiffy Lube ruined our tire, and we had to buy a new one. Frustrated that Jiffy Lube's mistake could have put my husband's safety in danger. So I found the reciept, and gave them a call. I was very nice, and polite on the phone (learned it from my husband, people are always more willing to work with you, when you aren't barking at them) and let them know what happened. They said they would pull up our information, and call me back. Joel called them a while later, and was nice, but very stern with them. We are waiting on a call from them, but I think from how the situation went, they will work with us, and compensate us somehow...we'll see.

I've decided that there are two household chores that I dislike strongly (and they hardly ever get done)
1. dusting.
2. washing the windows. (we also don't have kids to put their hands all over the windows, so it makes it a little easier to get away with)

And pregnancy is going just fine this week. Just fine. Nothing too exciting to talk about. The baby has stretched out my lower abs recently, and now it's more difficult to stand straight without allowing my stomach to stick out. I dislike that. I've started to work on exercises to keep those muscles in tact. Hmmm...that's about it. Oh. And I really love cheeseburgers these days. LOVE THEM.

Here's a list of my top cravings so far:
1. CHEESE (I just can't seem to get enough - cheeseburgers (especially), mac n' cheese, string cheese, cheese rice cakes, cheese crackers, cheese, cheese, cheese. )
2. Chocolate. (mostly chocolate ice cream)
3. Muffins. ha ha.

That's about it.

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Cara said...

These are wonderful days - write everything down because believe it or not, you will forget a lot of it.
Love you guys - Dee