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Saturday, September 6, 2008

I would like you guys to know...

that my husband is the best! Yesterday I was having a seriously funky day. And Joel was gone on a business trip (but was coming home later that night). I think my day just started off wrong when I woke up with the crazy bloody nose. Anyway, my day was so blah, and by the time that my husband came home that night from his trip at 9:30 PM, I was feeling a little stir crazy. I had to go out and do something or else I might explode! Ha ha. So he agreed to take me out. First we stopped at Wendy's (fast food) to get me that sandwich I've seen on their commercials (and had to have) called the "Baconator" (two beef patties with cheese and topped with bacon - wow! it was good). And then we went bowling!! (I haven't done that since I was in college.) AND it just so happened to be glow in the dark night with unlimited bowling until midnight!! How fun is that? It's been ages since Joel and stayed out until midnight (I guess we really are getting old), but I had the best time. The best. And it seems that it was just a little more fun than our normal time that we spend together, probably since our days of staying out late are quickly becoming limited, due to the child growing inside of me. I want to enjoy our childless time as much as possible.

So you know that "Baconator" cheeseburger that I had last night. I totally shouldn't have had that. But you know what? I WANTED it SOOO Bad! My will has become so weak when it comes to cravings. It's like I can't think of anything else, until I get it. Tonight I felt the strong desire to have a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit again from McD's. Since we had to run to the store anyway, I substitued the McD's craving for Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Toaster Strudel thing from the freezer section. Wow, it tasted sooo good. (My husband hears that phrase pretty often these days) But you know what? I am totally aggrivated that these cravings seem to have overpowered my will these days. How in the world am I going to manage to maintain my goal weight gain (approved by my OB) of 30 pounds through pregnancy, if I can't even manage to stay within the recommended 4 pounds during your first trimester??? will has become so weak. I believe that I have now begun to think with my stomach more than my brain....and by the way, we are going to have doughnuts at church tomorrow! YAY! I'm so excited!! I am so weak. So weak.

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