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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So last night Joel and I were sitting at home, when my aunt called. She told us to turn on NBC because my cousin was about to perform on the show, America's Got Talent. Ha ha ha! And to my amusement, there she was, leading a dance team called, "Extreme Dance FX" in a dance routine. So I've put her performance online for all you guys to see. How random to see one your family members on national TV! I haven't seen her since 2004, but it's totally not a surprise to see what she's doing. She's been in dance for a large part of her life. The last time we talked she was talking about teaching or opening a dance studio (can't remember which one it was). And for those of you who are interested, she's my mother's brother's daughter...make sense? aka first cousin on my mom's side. Here's her clip from last night. My cousin, Valerie, is the leader, with the long hair and has pink chunks in her hair.
In the clip, they don't really have any closeups of her until the judging panel, which by the way, gave them great reveiws. Here's a photo of her and her dance crew. She's right in the front.

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