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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Easy No-Sew Headband DIY

It's been a while since we've actually made something that doesn't include a printable - not that I'm complaining or anything. I LOVE printables, but I think it's time to make something crafty that we can wear. So, here's what I've got - a No-Sew Headband. I've had this project in my head for a couple of months, but didn't take the time to work on it until recently. What I love about this headband is that it's cute, it's an easy way to dress up an outfit, and it's super quick to make. There's no sewing involved and it takes 15 minutes to make or less...depending on how many times you get distracted during this project. ;)

My crafty friend, Sarah, is the one in the pictures. I had her wear the headband so I could do the photos. (Have I ever told you how bad I am at taking selfies? Really bad. It takes FOREVER to get a good photo. It's much easier to have someone else be in the picture. And then, I don't have to make the effort to NOT look frumpy for a photo. Ha, ha!) If you want to find out more about Sarah, you can find her on Undiscovered Virtues.

Here's a quick and easy No-Sew Headband DIY that takes 15 minutes or less to make. Click through for instructions.

Supplies Needed:
-satin cord (around 75 inches - depending on the size of your head)
-faux pearl beads
-small strip of elastic (about 5 inches)

To start out, you need enough satin cord to wrap around your head three times (from the base of your head to the top of your head) plus an additional foot just to be safe. Then, thread the beads onto the cord. (I used 18 beads, 6 for each section.)

fold over and tie a knot to form a loop on each end.

At each end of the cord, form a loop and tie a knot.

Fold the cord into 3 sections to create an "S" shape

Next, fold the cord into 3 sections, (creating an "S" Shape) making sure to distribute an even amount of beads in each section (6 beads per section).

tie a knot to form a corner

Tie knots to keep each section separate.

Tie a knot at the end of each section to create a knotted "corner". Keeping the sections in the "S" shape (as shown in the photo above), gather the sections together, adding a knotted "corner" to the closest looped end. Repeat these steps on the opposite side. 

Form a loop and tie a knot

easy headband DIY  - No Sew

Thread the strip of elastic through each gathered end (each gathered end should have a knotted corner and a looped end) to form a loop, then tie a knot in the elastic to secure it.

wrap excess strands around ends

Using the excess cord leftover from the looped end, wrap the cord around the strands and tie a knot. Pull as tight as possible.

trim the ends and melt

easy no sew DIY Headband

melt ends of trimmed elastic and cord

Trim the ends of the elastic, as well as the cord. Using the lighter, carefully melt the trimmed end of the elastic and cord, including the knot from the wrapped ends of the cord, to ensure nothing comes unraveled. 

Easy No-Sew Headband DIY - takes 15 minutes or less to make

A quick and easy DIY. No-Sew headband only takes 15 minutes or less to make!

Wear and enjoy the accessory that you created!


Unknown said...

What a pretty headband! I love that we can move the beads around, changing the design. Thank you so much for the tutorial!

Abby Lawson said...

Girl, you had me at no-sew! I LOVE this! What a pretty way to add a little something to your hair. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing at Hit Me with Your Best Shot! Hope to see you again tonight at 7 EST! Have a wonderful week!

~Abby =)

The Elephant of Surprise said...

Very pretty, and so fun! Love that it's no-sew! Caught your link from the Tip Junkie link party.