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Monday, September 24, 2007


Let me just tell you guys that I AM SO EXCITED right now!!! I've decided that I want to start selling my pictures online as stock photos. Stock photos are royalty-free pictures that people buy from a stock photo dealer to use for various purposes...websites, articles, books, banners, logos, etc. Artists can submit their pictures to the stock dealer and they get a portion of the sales each time their picture gets purchased. I've been in the midst of the application process since the beginning of September. Among several other things, you have to submit three of your own photos to get approved. The problem was that I couldn't get all of my photos accepted. There was always a problem with one of them...out of focus, no focal point, purple fringing, lack of diversity, etc. So I keep taking pictures and learning how to work PhotoShop. BUT today, I finally got all of my pictures accepted, and now they have accepted me as an artist!!!! YAY! I'm SO ELATED!

I took this photo last week. It made me laugh.

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Cara said...

Michelle - I love this photo - it cracked me up. Its just the kind of thing Andrew would have loved too.

So now tell me how to find your photos on webshots.