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Saturday, September 15, 2007

At the moment...

I HATE my dog. I'm so furious with him. I cannot even describe the anger I feel right now. The dog is wearing a freakin' MUZZLE to keep him from picking at his foot, and yet he STILL has managed to find a way to pick at his paw. I've spent so many hours (literally) caring for that dog's stupid paw - bandaging it, cleaning it, etc only for him to pull everything off, and undo all the hours of work I spent on him. At this point, if a MUZZLE won't keep him from it, nothing will. I GIVE UP!! I'm not joking. At this rate, the dog's wound is NEVER going to heal...and we may even lose our dog. I'm SOOOOOOO tired of this struggle. I'm not doing it anymore.


Cara said...

Okay this is way out of the box thinking but is it possuble that just maybe Brody is smarter than all of us put together and knows intuitively that fresh air will make the wound heal faster?

Unknown said...

i agree. i do think he's smarter than all of us!! i gave up too. he now runs free without any socks or bandages over his wound. he won.;o)