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Monday, September 10, 2007

I just wanted to say...

a couple of things.

1. Brody is doing a little better. His paw is starting to heal again. And I think we've finally found a way to keep the dog from chewing on his paw. On Friday the vet took out the stitches and glued his wound shut. Then made some adjustments to his lampshade thingy to make it more difficult to reach his paw. He also gave the dog a shot to make his paw numb for a couple of days to give it more time to heal. This has helped, but not completely. The dog is still determined to chew at his wound. So last night we wrapped a coat hanger around his paw. This has worked so far. But we'll see...if he still gets through all the stuff we've wrapped around his paw, the next step is a muzzle. He's going to hate that, but our collection of old socks and duct tape is starting to dwindle. Plus the last trip to the vet costed $100 bucks, just to fix problems the dog created with his compulsive issues concerning his paw.

2. I have been working on photography a LOT lately. I will share some of my pictures soon. I found this website called Digital-SLR-Guide, which has really helped me to understand how to work my camera and its settings manually. You can even download photography lessons for only $15 (which is far cheaper than taking a class). I still have lots to learn.

3. There are only 19 more days until Joel and I take our 2nd cruise!! I've been making a mental packing list, and have a physical list of things to get done before we leave for our cruise, which include:

  • booking a hotel room in Florida for the night before our cruise (our flight comes in the day before)
  • purchasing an extra mask and snorkel (as opposed to renting on the beach) to use at some of our ports of call (like St. Thomas)
  • purchasing a waterproof disposable camera to take when we go snorkeling and snuba (not scuba) diving.
  • getting Joel's suit dry cleaned for the formal dinner night.
Seriously. I can't wait. I'm in desperate need of a vacation!!!

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