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Saturday, September 22, 2007

I've had a long day. Not necessarily a bad one, but a long one.

I had a trip to the airport today.

I brought my camera with me (as usual, because you never know when you're going to come across a great photo opportunity) and managed to lose my lens cap. (losing a lens cap to your SLR is a bad thing) I was seriously baffled by this whole event, because when I carry my camera with me, I'm very meticulous and conscientious about my camera and it's condition. I couldn't figure out how I lost it. I assumed I lost it at the airport. So on my way home, I stopped at a camera store and bought a new one. Later when I got home, I opened the trunk to bring a couple of items inside, moved around the random junk inside of our trunk, and what do you know...I found my lens cap. How did it get there? I'm a little confused. But now I have two lens caps. Oh well.

Today must have been National Nose Picking Day. I seriously saw several people picking their nose while driving their cars. It was hysterical. Seriously. They were sitting in their car, moving their finger around in their nose, assuming that nobody was watching them...little did they know that I had a clear view of them from my rear view mirror. It was even funnier when they nonchalantly flicked the booger off their finger. LOL. I wanted to shout out my window, "Yup, I saw that buddy!" But my driver's side window doesn't roll down anymore. (remember last winter when the window fell down into the door while Joel was driving home in 20 degree weather? that was pretty funny...but only because it didn't happen to me. ha ha ha)

I also got to meet a good friend for coffee and a good chat at Starbucks today. It's nice to have good, uplifting friends. She managed to brighten my day.

I'm tired. Peace.

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