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Friday, September 14, 2007

It's official...

my dog hates me. after four failed attempts to keep the dog's wound closed (stitched once, and glued three additional times), we have given up. brody is wearing a muzzle. and he's miserable. he hates me. i'm sure of it. i feel bad. i can't watch him wear it. but i'm so tired of fighting with the dog to keep him from picking at his wound. it's never going to heal, plus, we're leaving two weeks from today on our cruise...i need the dog's paw to heal by then, so our neighbor can watch brody without too much trouble. i'm sad, and i'm really trying not to stress about it too much. you guys, pray for Brody's paw to heal within two weeks, ok? please!!!


the above picture is one of several attempts to keep brody from getting to his paw...lampshade, collar extension thingy (to keep him from sliding his lampshade down his neck and reaching his paw), and sock-covered foot with duct tape.


the above picture is the final straw. the muzzle. he looks miserable. i know. i can hardly stand it.


this is one of my very first attemps to capture light streaks. i was very excited to be able to figure this out. (i've been wanting to do a picture like this for years, i just never knew how...until recently). the only problem is that we don't have much traffic in it makes it hard to capture them. lol.

if i have time later today, i will put up some of my cattle branding pictures that i took yesterday.

1 comment:

Cara said...

Michelle - I love this photo of the light streaks! LOVE IT!!!
And I also have to say that after having a fairly rough couple of days the photo of Brody withthe lampshade collar was just what I needed to crack me up.