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Friday, September 14, 2007


Today I was at a coffee shop. There was a woman behind the counter wearing a spaghetti strap tank big deal, right? No. She raised her arms, and I realized that her armpits have not seen a razor in at least six months. Why the heck to people do that??? Nasty. That should be against the law. It's so gross. I was thoroughly disgusted...I kind of wanted to give my coffee back and ask for a refund. But I didn't. Gross. In this coffee shop I also saw a lady in her 50's wearing black rolled up sweat pants, pink patterned socks, and black shoes. It amused me. Then I saw a girl walk in wearing a short T-shirt, big Jnco skater pants that fell about two inches below her exposed pink polka dot underwear. It was weird. Strange people frequent coffee least this particular one.

So recently I accidentally let our car insurance run out...I forgot to pay. lol. oops! So we used the opportunity to switch to a carrier with a lower rate. We haven't even got the insurance cards to put in your cars yet. Then later on my way home, I had to go through a police check point! And of course I didn't have my insurance papers! DANG IT!!! Here's how the conversation went with the cop I talked to.
Cop: Hello. (I take off my sunglasses)
Me: Hi. I would roll down my window, but it doesn't roll down anymore.
Cop: Just kick it a couple times!
Me: No! The last time we rolled down the window, we had to open the inside of the door to put the window back!
Cop: Ok. (smiles) I need to see your license and insurance papers.
Me: (I hand him my license) I don't have my insurance papers! We just changed from Safeco to Progressive and our cards haven't come in yet.
Cop: Do you have your receipt?
Me: At home...are you going to give me a ticket? (He nods)... Even though I have insurance but I don't have my papers?
Cop: I have to. (This made me sad. I was hoping the ticket wouldn't cost too much since we're trying to save our money for our cruise at the end of the month) Do you have your registration papers? (I hand him some papers)
Me: Is this it? (my registration papers)
Cop: Yes that's it. They didn't send you a fax or anything with your insurance? (I frown and shake my head) Are you coming back this way again?
Me: Not today.
Cop: Well, I'm going to let you off today with a warning. Have a nice day.

OMG! I couldn't believe it. He actually let me off the hook! I didn't get a ticket. I couldn't believe how lucky I was! I was so elated to NOT recieve the ticket I thought I was doomed to recieve. Yay.

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