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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hooded Denim Jacket DIY

My husband has nicknamed me the "Lazy Seamstress." Maybe I should be horrified, but when he first called me that, it made me laugh for about 2 minutes straight. Why? Because it's true. So. Terribly. True. I'm not in love with sewing or anything, but it's definitely a very necessary means to an end. I tend to avoid any sewing projects that do not involve sewing in a straight line. Why am I telling you this? I'm telling you this because I made something amazing. Something that I've had on my list of Things to Make for years. It sat on my list for years, because I wasn't sure how I was going to make it. I just knew I wanted a hooded denim vest jacket. I found plenty of tutorials, but none of them were quite what I was looking for - an easy, minimal-sewing tutorial that didn't involve taking apart the jacket. All I wanted to do was cut off the denim sleeves leaving vest portion, insert a zip-up hoodie, and then find a way to attach them. In my head it seemed easy enough, but I just couldn't figure out how to make this without over-complicating it (I'm really good at this) until I talked it over with my mom, Aka Seamstress Ninja. Guess what? It was waaay easier than I realized! Major win for the Lazy Seamstress! ;)

Hooded Denim Jacket DIY - this tutorial provides an easy way to make a hooded denim jacket with a minimal amount of sewing @ - click through and learn how

Supplies needed:
- zip-up hoodie
- denim jacket
- basic sewing supplies (sewing machine, scissors, thread, and pins)

Let me first give you one quick note about matching a denim jacket with a hoodie. For the best rest results, it's important to find a hoodie and denim jacket that are close in size as well as the same sized sleeve openings, near the armpit, since you have to slip the hoodie into the arm hole openings of the denim jacket. Also, make sure both the denim jacket and the hoodie are freshly washed and wrinkle free. Got it? Good.

cut off the sleeves, leaving the seams intact

Start out by cutting off the sleeves of the denim jacket below the seam that attaches the sleeves to the vest. Trim as close to the seams as desired, but be sure to leave the arm hole seam intact.

remove any unwanted decorations from the hoodie

The hoodie that I used in this project had a bunch of stuff sewn onto the front. I felt like most of it detracted from the jacket as a whole, so I ripped out the letter seams and removed the letters from the front.

Line up the seams from both articles of clothing as best as possible
Line up the seams as best as possible

Next, insert the hoodie inside the denim vest. For best results, work on a flat surface. Button each button and zip up the hoodie. Smooth out all the wrinkles and folds and line up the side and shoulder seams of the hoodie with the seams of the vest as close as possible.

pin and sew along seams of the arm holes

sew along seams of arm holes after pinned

Carefully, pin the hoodie to the vest at both arm openings. This portion is not hard, but takes a little patience. Be sure that the seams from the vest and hoodie line up as closely as possible while pinning. This is truly the most important step of this project.

Once the pins have been placed on both the left and right sides of the sleeve openings, sew the vest and jacket together at the sleeve openings along the seam of the denim jacket or in between the two seams of the arm holes. I began sewing at the armpit of the vest on the backside and worked my way over the backside towards the front. Repeat the same process on the opposite arm hole.

pin and sew along back seam for added security

seam across backside provides extra security
Additional seam sewn across back for added security
Once both arm holes have be sewn, lay the hoodie/vest on a flat surface again, front facing down. Pin the backside of the vest to the hoodie along the back seam that runs across the shoulder blades. Run the pinned portion through the sewing machine for a little added security, to keep both layers together.

Hooded Denim Jacket DIY @ click through and learn how easy it is to make this

BAM! That's it! After I finished, I just sat there, amazed and speechless over how easy and awesome this jacket turned out. I didn't even mess up!!! (I usually end up ripping out a couple of seams on each sewing project). Ha!

Hooded Denim Jacket DIY - minimal sewing and easy to make

Hooded Denim Jacket DIY - minimal sewing and easy to make - click through and learn how

Love it? Guess what? Just when you thought this project couldn't get any cooler, it does. I have one more amazing upgrade for this jacket. Click here to see how I stenciled the back. I promise you won't be disappointed :)

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What a creative idea. It looks great!