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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Good News!!

I'm so nice, right? I dress up my dog, for my own personal entertainment. lol. I have yet to get the dog to hold still to get a good picture of him. Yesterday the vet gave us a good report. He said that the dog is ok. He's been acting kind of sluggish because he's growing fast and his muscles are sore. So that's explains the issues with his hind legs. He reccomended a low dose of Asprin. So we are really happy. The dogs eyes are also ok. He has a bright pink spot around his eye because he doesn't have any pigment there, so it gets sunburned. We were kind of worried that something was wrong. But he's a good, healthy dog. So now my heart is very content.

Now he needs a name. Up until this point we've been calling him "dog" or "puppy". Nice, right? lol. I wanted the dog's name to be "Ninja" because it was funny, but then again, what if my dog turned out to be a ninja dog after all, and tried doing stunts like jumping out of the back of the truck on the highway (like Sachi did)? So I changed my mind. (Dogs as well as people tend to take on the characteristics of the name they are given. I have some friends who named their dog Samson, and the dog ended up tearing apart his dog house, as well as banging things against their own house. He also learned to climb walls. Needless to say Samson was probably not the best name) No destructive names for the dog. Then I thought I liked the name, "Basil" just because it was different, and somewhat silly. It meant "King". I could live with that. But alas, Joel and I have changed our mind again. So last night we were looking at a website for baby names to come up with a good name for the dog. Joel liked Japanese names like, "Haruki", but when I pictured myself standing on the porch calling the dog, I had to say no. I don't want to feel like I'm speaking a mouthful of Japanese when all I'm trying is call the dog. No, that wasn't a good name either. We have finally narrowed down our choices to "Brody" or "Rory". Brody means brother, and Rory means red king...both are nice, non-destructive names. We're having a hard time deciding. We like them both. What do you guys think? Actually what I really think, is that after you guys read this, you will probably think, "Wow, they are taking the entire name-thing a little too seriously!" Well, at least that's what my dad would probably think...because he named his dog, "Oggy-Doggy". Poor, poor dog.

One more thing. So last night as I was looking through the baby names website, it started to get me thinking. There were names like, "Hades" which means "sightless" or "Hell". People on there rated that name and some of them even named their child that. Why in the world would you give your child a name with such a terrible meaning. And then theres "Cameron." I've always thought it was a nice name, until I checked the meaning behind it. You know what it means? "Bent nose". So yeah, I've changed my mind. Not such a nice name after all. So all that to say, when Joel and I decide to have children, we're going to name them names with a strong meaning behind them. (And they're going to be nice names too) lol.


Cara said...

I'm like you - I have to imagine calling out my pets name in order to decide whether or not it is a good name. Maybe you should let him tell you what his name should be - what I mean is he may display some quick that would perfectly name him.

About baby names - I always knew I would name my son Andrew because Andrew was the first peron (recorded first at least) to lead someone to Christ.
Now that doesn't seem to fit when you know Andrew's personality but one of the meanings of Andrew is "courageous" and he was that. His whole life he suffered because of his health and yet he never let it get to him. He was a very brave little soldier.

If I had a dog I would name him Striker from Lord of the Rings.

Cara said...

Striker or Strider - I can't remember.

Unknown said...

i believe it's Strider.