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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

[Insert title here]

At the moment we are amongst a mad dash to turn in Youth Camp registration forms. These deadlines have been creeping up on us like crazy these last couple of months.

Brody is adjusting to life with us...and last night he let me pile a bunch of random junk on top of him while he was laying on the living room floor. So I guess we'll keep him. Any dog we have is required to let us do crazy things to it for our own personal entertainment...and they are required to like it to. Brody has also decided that he's had enough of this training to the wireless electronic fence, because he already has the whole boundary thing figured out. So even though the training manual advised against it, Brody wears his collar to the electic fence all the time. And he's fine. (And the shock from going outside of the boundaries isn't that bad either. We tested it on one of the teenagers. Seriously) Last night Joel was doing some obedience training on Brody in the living room. Brody totally paniced and peed all over my rug. I just about died. I don't know how people can keep the dogs inside with them 24/7. Because I would probably kill the dog. I get so tired of them being in the house with me.

At the moment Joel and I are looking at taking our vacation in September. We're planning on taking a 7-day Eastern Carribean cruise. Hopefully it will all work out. I'm excited.

Joel picked up his cap & gown the other day. It's ugly. Bright purple. Horrible. Glad I don't have to wear it. Graduation is getting closer and closer, and I'm getting more and more excited. It will be so nice to no longer have to plan around school semesters.

My neighbor has purchased some chickens. At the moment they're still chick and incredibly cute. Things will be interesting when they get older...and I'm sure that Brody will love to be "friends" with them too. lol.


Cara said...

Cute post today - your vacation plans sound wonderful. Watch Brody carefully around the chicks, if he bites one and tastes blood your have a worthless dog.

Unknown said...

Fortunately Brody's boundary does not reach where the chickens will be kept, so I think we'll probably be ok.