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Monday, April 9, 2007

Just the Highlights

Happy Belated Easter. So this past weekend Joel and I went out of town (again) to spend Easter with my parents. Here's a couple of the highlights:
  • We brought a border colllie puppy from a ranch near us to give to my parents. We put the puppy in the back seat of the car and drove 5 hours to my parent's house...and he slept the whole way. What dog does that? My brother was so surprised and excited to have a dog at home again. Unfortunately, my father gave the poor dog the name of "Oggy-Doggy". Seriously.
  • Yesterday during church I was turning my cell phone on "silent" so it wouldn't ring in the middle of service if someone called. Everyone was standing in front of their seats and singing, including myself. As I turned around to put my cell back into my purse, I lost my balance and grabbed my seat's back with my right hand to brace myself. My right hand was also holding my cell phone. In the process of grabbing the seat's back I also managed to toss my cell phone two rows behind me!! It was hysterical. Fortunately I didn't take anyone out with my flying cell phone, but only because the family was just entering the row that I flung cell phone into. If it had been 5 seconds later, somebody would have had some bruises. Someone in the family was nice enough to hand my cell back to me, but I was so overcome with amusement for about the next 5 minutes, I had a difficult time concentrating on the singing portion of the service instead of being overcome with the giggles. The whole cell phone incident was definitely a "Michelle Moment". I have those from time to time.
  • Joel got a Stye in his eye. For real. He did. But it's going away now. I just thought you guys would enjoy this piece of information.
  • Joel also got some new shoes. I like them a lot. I think I'm more excited about him getting new shoes than he is. Getting Joel to buy shoes (and clothes) is like pulling teeth. Who knew that buying shoes for other people can be almost as exciting as buying shoes for yourself???
So as for today, we are getting our new puppy!! I'll be picking him up in a couple of hours. I'm very, very excited. But first I need to get some work done around the house so I can pay attention to this dog when we go pick him up.

1 comment:

Cara said...

Personally I'm much more excited about the shoes than the Stye...

Hope you're enjoying the new puppy.
Love Dee