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Friday, April 13, 2007

His name is...

Just wanted to let you guys know we decided on the dog's name. We like it.

And one more thing. We've also purchased a wireless electronic fence for the dog. The dog will wear a collar that recieves signals from the signal-giver-thingy (i don't know what it's called!), and as long as he stays within the marked boundaries, he's ok, but if he ventures out farther, he'll get a shock. (don't worry, it won't hurt him). we'll use this wireless dog fence to teach him his boundaries. that way we won't have the same problems with Brody that we did with Sachi. Some would argue that it's not the most humane way to train a dog, BUT this method is highly effective and only takes about 2 weeks to train him. We don't have any yard fences out here, and there's far too much trouble for a dog to get into around here...skunks, coyotes, cows, POACHER'S TRAPS, mountain lions, etc. The wireless fence is better than the alternative, which is losing you dog to a poacher's trap. Plus they are only supposed to be supervised when using the wireless fence. Brody will be fine.

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