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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hold that thought

So yesterday I picked up the new puppy and brought him home. We like him. He's very sweet, and very calm. He's a very pretty dog. He also has two different color eyes. BUT we think that something might be wrong with him. We've done some reading and have found out that border collies have been known to have Hip Displasia
We've noticed that when the dog gets up from laying down, he gets up kind of akwardly, like an old dog will get up. Not only that, he doesn't jump, and doesn't run very much. So we're kind of concerned. Tommorrow we're going to take him to the Vet so he can get checked out. Unfortunately if it turns out that he does have some of these problems, we're going to have to give him back to the ranch. Sad news. But we really can't afford to care for a dog with serious medical problems. So, although we really really like him, we're not sure at this point if we're going to be able to keep him. I have to mop the kitchen today. I hate house training a dog. He's spending the rest of the day outside.

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