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Friday, April 20, 2007

Something to think about

So I would just like you guys to know that Joel and I got FREE ice cream from Ben & Jerry's on Tuesday! Know why? Because April 17th was free ice cream day at Ben & Jerry's, and we just happened to be in Albuquerque for District Council. It was really good ice cream, and we only waited in line about 2 minutes. It made me happy. I was going to tell all you guys about it so you could get free ice cream too, but I forgot until it was too late. Sorry. Please forgive me.

District Council turned out to be pretty good. I enjoyed it this year. I have to admit, that I was dreading it, but ended up enjoying it. God really worked in my heart with some issues I've been dealing with...perhaps I'll write a blog about it...but not right now....later. I have too much to do today. And today I'm starting Brody's training to stay inside boundaries. We're using a wireless electronic fence. It should be interesting.

My mom wrote this on her blog yesterday. And I agree...and wanted to share it:

"We are deeply saddened and grieved over the murders of the Virginia Tech students and professors. What an incredibly difficult time this must be for the family members and friends. It will be difficult for students to return to the school after so much bloodshed. So very sad this all is. It is also sad that Cho was so lost. He was someone's son, someone's brother, but no one's friend. Let's be better witnesses to this lost world. Let's make it a point to make friends with the weak and unlovely and share with them the love of our Savior. Who knows? You just might save an entire school from enduring what Virginia Tech suffered."

So true. You just never know who you are impacting. I'm so sad for VT.


Cara said...

Michelle -

This is so strange because I knew it was the day of the free Ben and Jerry's give away but I also knew I didn't live where I could get a free cone. Ben and Jerry's is my favorite ice cream - I love Chunky Monkey but to be honest I like it all. What flavor did you get and what did you think if it.?

Also, like your mother, today at work everyone was talking about the shootings at VT and I said that I hurt for all of them but most of all for the parents of the shooter. When your child dies you begin second guessing every moment of their lives and questioning whether you were the best parent you could have been.

I can't imagine the torment his parents are going through. They lost a son they loved too and they can't grieve like normal people because they are in protective custody and having to move daily from place to place. Add to that they shame they must feel - I can't bear to think what they are going through.

I know that the only thing that kept me from stepping in front of a train when Andrew died was my faith in God and my peace with the fact that he knew more about Andrew than I did and that his timing is alway perfect. With out an unconditinal trust in him I couldn't have managed. I wonder if this boy and his family know Jesus. I hope they do and if not I pray God will send someone to them.

Unknown said...

i had some kind of chocolate mint ice cream. joel ate cherry garcia. i really didn't have time to think about what i wanted because we got to the counter so fast, i just wanted to pick something really quickly because the line got really long after we walked in.