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Saturday, April 14, 2007


So I've been teaching private music lessons for about 7 years now. Over the years I've heard a wide variety of excuses for not practicing their instrument, but I have to say that recently I had a student who topped them all with the most crazy, honest, and the most out-right hysterical excuse I've EVER heard:

"Last night I was going to practice the piano right after I finished practicing my baritone for band. So I was practicing in my room, and then all the sudden I open my eyes, and it's like one o'clock in the morning, and the house is dark...and then I realized I was hugging my baritone, and my face was inside the bell of the baritone! I fell asleep while I was practicing, and nobody woke me up!! So I didn't get to practice the piano."

I was so amused and shocked by her excuse, I couldn't even scold her. It was the most hysterical and ridiculous thing I've ever heard. She actually fell asleep while practicing her baritone, and then woke up hugging her instrument, with her face inside the bell (the bell is the part of the instrument at the top that flares out and resembles a bell). By far, the best excuse I've EVER heard.

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