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Monday, April 16, 2007

No subject for me, thank you.

I spent the whole weekend putting together Joel's graduation anouncements and then addressing them, while Joel worked on his senior project. I am SO ready for him to be done with school! The only reason I did his anouncements (without his help) is because if I waited for him to do them, or even for him to help me do his anouncements, we would be sending them out probably the day before the ceremony. We made a deal: I'll do his anouncements, but he HAS to do his thank you cards...there is NO WAY I'm going to write his thank you cards...even if nobody can read his writing...I DON'T CARE!!! At least they'll know he sent them a thank you card.

Tommorrow and Wednesday Joel and I will be at District Council. We have to go there and hobnob with all the other pastorly people, and vote on issues, and all those other issues.

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Cara said...

Michelle - honey - life is too short to write thank you cards.

Seriously, invitations and thank you cards is such a girl thing to get excited about. You might need to worry if your husband became overly concerned with such a feminine issue.